At PFL, we aims to be the most useful, reliable and efficient provider of finances.
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Our vision is to be the most preferred financial Services Company in India by providing.......
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To serve our clients with utmost dedication and integrity so that we exceed their expectations.....
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To utilize the power of teamwork to function as a family and build a seamless organization.
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Hard working & Performance is the key element that matters at Pratiksha Fincap Limited when it comes to rising up the ladder of success. We at pfl has a transparent policy of rewarding deserving people.

At PFL, you can write your own future, irrespective of that part of the Sales team or one of the support teams, our performance evaluation  system is objective enough to identify your contribution to the company and reward you accordingly.“


At PFL, we value our people. This is because we believe that our services will be only as good as those who deliver it.
We are in the business of guiding our investors about where to put their hard-earned money, and helping them achieve their financial goals through wise investments. Trust and goodwill form the fundamental basis of our relationships with clients.
This not only demands thorough professional knowledge and an enchanting personality, but also calls for a missionary zeal to help others selflessly
Though the work is demanding, most team members feel that working at PFL is a satisfying experience due to the following reasons:
Professional Work Environment
We have a growing pool of talented professionals, including CAs, MBAs, CFPs, CSs, and others. This provides a good opportunity to interact and learn from each other.

Professional Growth
Performance is the key element that matters at PFL, when it comes to rising up the corporate ladder.
PFL has a transparent policy of recognizing and rewarding deserving people. Many of those who occupy top positions in the organization today have worked their way up. Our performance management systems ensure that the credit goes to those who deserve it.